Lennox Lehmann

Startaufstellung Lennox Lehmann IDM 2020

Young talent

Here you will find exciting insights, exclusive reports and background information on the German young talent Lennox Lehmann.

The undecision

The undecision Imagine you win the championship title in the IDM Supersport 300 as a rookie and hardly anyone cares. Imagine that this is due to the intransparency of an incomprehensible system. The IDM Supersport 300 season 2020, like all events this year, was on the brink of failure for a very long time. For […]

IDM 2020 - Rennen am Lausitzring

Hard work

Hard work. Continuous learning. Self-reflection. Will. Passion. These are the cornerstones of success. Add to that a pinch of luck. Luck? Yes luck. Luck to be noticed by the right people and to have met them. Luck to have made the right decision at the right time. Of the many talented young drivers, very few […]

Assen 2020 IDM Supersport 300 Lennox Lehmann

New chapter

Season 2020, IDM Supersport 300, that’s 44 days, 34 drivers, 8 races on 4 race weekends. Last weekend the season also started for Lennox Lehmann. Finally the waiting and the uncertainty whether one can drive at all this year had an end. For Lennox a new chapter began. The chapter IDM. Due to his last […]