Lennox Lehmann – WorldSSP300 Imola: Trust is everything

Lennox Lehmann auf dem Weg zur Rennstrecke in Imola

Last weekend it was not only for Lennox Lehmann  at the traditional race track in Emilia-Romagna, but also for me. Merciless temperatures prevailed throughout the weekend at the World Supersport 300 round in Imola. A challenge for man and machine. Conditions that all riders had to contend with. The asphalt was on fire and the riders were pushed to their limits. 

Eighty percent decides

Successfully competing under such conditions requires not only good fitness, but also a good mindset. The statement “80 percent happens under the helmet” applies here. No matter how good you are, you have to bring it to the track. You have to bring it all together and for that you need confidence in yourself, in your ability, in your bike. That confidence is decided under the helmet.

Throughout the weekend it was confidence, trust and a good feeling that Lennox conveyed. He was looking forward to Imola, despite the temperatures. The KTM rider wanted to do his best, even if there were minor setbacks here and there to deal with. Lennox’s crash, right at the beginning of the first free practice, was such a setback. An inexplicable fall, out of the blue. Why did it happen? Inexplicable. Lennox took it with humor and didn’t let it upset him. The motto was check it off and move on.

Moving on with a good feeling

For Lennox Lehmann, the WSSP 300 season was anything but perfect. After all, he had only one point on his credit side before he came to Imola. Many setbacks accompanied him already in this season and somehow there seemed to be no remedy against it. All the more impressive that Lennox never lost his confidence. No matter how negative the comments were, the KTM rider continued to trust in himself.

At the start of the second race on Sunday afternoon there was another minor setback. What had happened? To provide cooling, Lennox was cooled down with water. Unfortunately, water always makes its way and so drops land on the hot exhaust and evaporate. The rising water vapor triggered Lennox’s suspicion that something was wrong with the engine. What’s worse is that it’s going to go bye-bye right at the start, and for him the race is over before it’s even started. Keeping a cool head in this situation is almost impossible. Lennox succeeded. He assured himself that everything was fine and everything was right with the engine. Only at that moment the traffic lights already turned green. Race starts. And Lennox? He messed up the start and got away too late.  But there was no giving up.

 Despite the lost places, the KTM rider was able to catch up quickly and close the gaps. In the end, Lennox Lehmann took his best placing of the season so far in Imola. He rewarded himself with his fifth place. Lennox remained calm in a situation where others would have lost control. 

Is this the turning point? That’s what I wanted to know from Lennox and I looked into a hopeful face. It is to be wished for, because he has never lost his confidence.

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