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MotoGP 2021 in Silverstone

MotoGP Silverstone: Cool, cooler, Silverstone

It’s been a busy time at Yamaha off the track, so it’s good that they have someone with Fabio Quartararo to talk about with performance.

MotoGP Österreich: Luck is with the brave

I could quote here about eggs, cochones or balls, but let’s concentrate on the most important thing – the courage of Brad Binder. He dared to do something in yesterday’s MotoGP race that many would have considered crazy. And let’s be honest, if it hadn’t worked, it would have been classified as stupid.

MotoGP 2021 – Valentino Rossi: Ciao Vale

He is Valentino Rossi. The figurehead of MotoGP. The representative for the motorcycle world championship. Not because he has collected the most world titles as a rider, that is still Giacomo Agostini. Or because he has won the most victories. No.

MotoGP 2021 - Assen

MotoGP 2021: Summer break

Five weeks of summer break are just around the corner. Five weeks in which to recover, gather new strength or think about your future. Everyone deserves a break after the season so far. But before we go on our well-deserved vacation, we still have Assen to come. A track steeped in history, which in the past offered great duels and now with the new asphalt was ready for MotoGP 2021.

MotoGP Rennen in Barcelona

MotoGP Barcelona: New layout. New asphalt. Old memories.

Last weekend Mugello, and this weekend Barcelona. The first back-to-back race in the 2021 MotoGP season. MotoGP has moved on. It’s moving on. Everyone is working. And yet, there are memories. Memories of what happened last Saturday at Mugello. Memories of what happened in Barcelona five years ago.

Moto3 2021 – Jason Dupasquier: A sad day

Today’s MotoGP race at Mugello offered so many things worth reporting on: Enea Bastianini’s accident during the Warm Up Lap. The many crashes, especially that of Marc Marquez and Alex Rins. The comeback of KTM with the great performance of Miguel Oliveira. Or the victory of Fabio Quartararo, who ran his laps like clockwork. All this had potential, but I don’t feel like it. Because today the race is overshadowed by news that was launched at the start of the Moto2 race. Jason Dupasquier has lost the fight for his life.

Le Mans MotoGp 2021

MotoGP Le Mans: Le Mans again and again

t was a classic race at Le Mans. With variable weather and not so easy track conditions. The Moto2 riders were lucky and were able to race on a dry track. Looked the sky, which moved over the MotoGP starting field, darker and darker.

MotoGP Jerez: Party in red

It’s been 15 years since Ducati last won at Jerez. Loris Capirossi brought the last victory for the Reds in 2006. Until today. Today they could cheer and that even double. Jack Miller won by a margin of 1.912s ahead of his Ducati teammate Pecco Bagnaia and Petronas Yamaha rider Franco Morbidelli.

Portimao 2021

MotoGP Portugal: Rollercoaster Portimão

Portimão, a circuit that two years ago nobody had on their radar. A track around which the MotoGP circus gave a wide berth. The asphalt was too bad, the track very demanding.

Katar 2021 MotoGP

MotoGP Katar: I think it’s starting again

MotoGP made a brilliant return to Qatar after a year’s break, with only Moto3 and Moto2 racing in Qatar due to the Corona pandemic. It’s been 126 days since the 2020 season finale, and a few things have changed.

Miss MotoGP: Happy Birthday to…me?!

Five years 62 articles and 4658… well I didn’t really count the words. In any case, there were a lot. Five years ago I started my blog. Why? Because I wanted to do something that would bring me a little closer to my favorite sport. Because I wanted to share my passion. Because I wanted to inspire and inform.

Interviewreihe mit Miss MotoGPr

Miss MotoGP asks – Andrea Schlager

MotoGP stands for sport at the highest level. It’s where the best riders in the world come together to live their sport, compete against each other and inspire people all over the world with their skills. It’s a racing circus with hundreds of people working behind and in front of the scenes. What is it like to work in MotoGP? How do you get there? What is it like to work there as a woman? I can answer a few questions for you, because I was allowed to interview a great woman – Andrea Schlager, reporter at Servus TV.

MotoGP 2020 – Season review

What a season. What a MotoGP year 2020. The pandemic has upset everything. For a long time it looked as if there would be no season at all. As if the 2020 MotoGP season had ended in Qatar before it even started. It was all on the line. With a great deal of effort, a […]

MotoGP 2020 – Joan Mir: Just a moment

A moment can decide everything. It can produce positive results or dull the joy of victory. One moment today was the decision. But it was not the moment that Franco Morbidelli won the victory in Valencia. Even though the duel with Jack Miller in the final laps was exciting. It was the moment that happened […]

MotoGP 2020 – Joan Mir: Blue performance

About a month ago I wrote that consistency can decide the championship. Today we have seen what that means. Joan Mir has been riding consistently since the beginning of the season. He keeps his cool. He describes himself as the most consistent rider competing for the championship. He seems to be right. Even though there […]

MotoGP Aragon II: Expectations, disappointments and the thin line between them

In the second edition of Aragon, the same questions were asked as in every double race in this 2020 season. Who could learn from the last race? Who has improved? Who can cope with the pressure of the last race? That was the question to answer today. Unfortunately, not everyone could cope with the pressure, […]

MotoGP Aragon I: Consistency makes the world champion

Failures. Missed races. Injuries. Quarantine. All this can happen to any driver this season. All of this can decide victory or defeat at the end of the 2020 season. To always be in the points. To calculate the risk correctly and not to give too much. To always be constant. This could be the right […]

MotoGP Le Mans: Whenever it rains…

Rain in Le Mans. Difficult track conditions. Red flag. Aborted start. Wet Race. All set for an exciting, breathtaking race. One could speak of drama. Yes, if you don’t expect too much.

MotoGP Barcelona: Right tires are the answer

Joy and sorrow often lie together. Or you could also say – To win today’s race in Barcelona, the tires were crucial. The right questions had to be answered. Is the left side of the tire well warmed up?

MotoGP Misano II: Re-match in Misano

Re-match in Misano. Which team, which driver could learn best from the first race in Misano? Who could improve? Who stopped in his development? This season with its changed race calendar is a tough one.

Eine ganz andere Saison

MotoGP Misano I: What a season?

What a season? Without the crowds, with an injured Marc Marquez and a world championship that couldn’t be any tighter.
Nine MotoGP riders currently have a chance of becoming world champions. They are all so close together that just one victory can upset everything.

MotoGP Spielberg: Red flag & orange dreams

12 meters more security. 12 meters more air fence, more safety fence, more tire stacks. More safety in a dangerous sport. It is only a small modification, but it should give the drivers a little more safety.

MotoGP Österreich: What a race?

What am I going to write about this race? A thousand sentences go through my mind how I could start. The accident. The re-start. The victory of Dovizioso. So much has happened for just one race.

Erster KTM Sieg in der MotoGP

MotoGP 2020 – KTM: Orange is the new …

Four years ago KTM entered the MotoGP class. After successful years in Moto3 and Moto2, the royal class of the motorcycle world championship should now be tackled. KTM withdrew from Moto2 last year to concentrate more on MotoGP.