MotoGP Argentina: Tango Argentino

Saisonrennen 3 in Argentinien

The hot dance did not start on Sunday, but already in the days before the race weekend. Due to freight problems, some team containers only arrived in the night from Friday to Saturday. On the one hand, this meant an extraordinary extra effort for the teams and the entire logistics, and on the other hand, the schedule also had to be adjusted. All of Friday’s practice sessions were postponed until Saturday, and the third free practice session (Moto3 & Moto2) and the fourth free practice session for MotoGP, which had actually been planned, were cancelled without replacement. A special situation for all riders and teams.

Sunday went as planned. Well, maybe planned, but certainly not as many would have expected. Aleix Espargaró contested his 200th race in MotoGP today and made history. He secured the first victory for Aprilia and for himself in MotoGP. After 200 races, he climbed the top podium for the first time and also secured the world championship lead. This winner was certainly not on anyone’s mind. It was a great battle between Aleix Espargaró and Jorge Martin. Over the last laps of the race, both pilots delivered a hot dance. It takes two for a tango. In the end, Espargaró won by 0.807 seconds ahead of Jorge Martin. Third place went to Alex Rins.

Aprilia has worked steadily on itself since rejoining MotoGP in 2015. However, the team from Italy only seemed to have experienced a real upswing since the change of race director Massimo Rivola. Rivola joined Aprilia in 2019 from Formula 1 to MotoGP. With him came new structures and a bigger budget. Gradually, the Aprilia’s performance improved, becoming competitive. The third-place finish at Silverstone in the 2021 season paved the way and today the team was able to reward itself. It was deserved. Aprilia and Aleix Espargaró had their perfect weekend. Even if a little shorter than normal.

Now it’s off to Texas next weekend and we can look forward to seeing who will be on the podium. This season has it all and is more varied than ever.

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