MotoGP Austin: A floppy start

MotoGP 2022 in Texas

After his violent highsider in the WarmUp of Indonesia and his forced break due to the returned double vision, Marc Marquez returned to the track in Texas. The Honda rider has already claimed seven wins in Texas and was considered the favorite despite a ninth-place starting position. Even Pramac Ducati team boss Paolo Campinoti, whose rider, Jorge Martin, held the pole position, was convinced: Marquez was a force to be reckoned with. Yes, he was a force to be reckoned with, but perhaps not in the way he was initially thought.

The Honda factory rider already lost his ninth position at the start and turned into the first corner in last place. It seemed that Marc Marquez had let the clutch come too early, because he almost stopped on the track. Not an excellent starting position for the favorite of the race. In the old Marquez manner, the Honda factory rider tried to make up positions by hook or by crook. What looked spectacular from the outside was in many situations hard on the limit of the motorcycle, driving skills and fairness. We all want to see great overtaking maneuvers, but throughout the weekend it often seemed with the courage of desperation that drove Marc Marquez into one or the other overtaking maneuver. Whether it is due to his driving skills that he could hold the wobbly motorcycle, during the race again and again. And be it due to luck that he always found the gap and nothing happened. Let’s hope that neither leaves him. His trial and error driving style still works. But if you always drive to the limit and increasingly beyond it over the years, your luck can run out at some point. It can end badly for Marc and also for the other riders. Unfortunately, Marquez seems to learn nothing from his injuries. Unfortunately, his environment also seems to find no means to slow him down. Today in Texas it went well for Marc Marquez. In the end, he crossed the finish line in sixth place. If he hadn’t had the problems at the start, he would certainly have been on the podium.

After qualifying, five Ducatis occupied the first grid positions for the first time in MotoGP history. Ducati also surprisingly dominated the race. The victory was secured by Enea Bastianini. The Gresini rider secured his second victory of the season. Behind him, Suzuki factory rider Alex Rins prevailed over Jack Miller.

Now it’s off to Europe and the cards will be reshuffled again.

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