Lennox Lehmann – WorldSSP300 Aragon: Kickstart

WorldSSP300-Lennox Lehmann-3 Platz

You can’t make that up, that was the most thought sentence for me over the weekend when watching a WorldSSP300 race. But from the beginning.

On Saturday it was all about Lennox Lehmann to get a good starting position in the Superpole Season. The only KTM rider in the field took to the track alone and tried everything to get a fast time out of it. Lennox pushed too much and crashed. Luckily nothing was broken and Lennox was able to ride back to the pits on his own. After a check-up he went out again. In the end only 25th place on the grid remained for Lennox.
So it went directly on Saturday into the first race. In the training Lennox had already proven that he has the right pace and so he expected a place in the points. It should jump out even more. With an incredible chase and slipstream battles, Lennox managed the almost impossible, he got his first podium. From 25th place to 3rd place, unbelievable. The joy about his first podium in the WorldSSP300 was already visible under his helmet. A successful debut in the world championship.

But wait…There was still a race on Sunday. Should Lennox, there the same succeed? The race was even more nerve-wracking. The Freudenberg driver had a slightly worse start to the race. Although he made it from 24th on the grid to a solid midfield position in just a few laps, things then got tough. He had to fight until he found his rhythm and a good feel for the front wheel. Now it was a matter of finding and maintaining his place in the leading group. It was a real slipstream battle of 12 riders fighting for second and third place. Constant changes of position, crashes and riders who went side by side into the bend, sometimes with five riders. In the last lap it went blow after blow with a very good outcome for Lennox Lehmann. Lennox made up several places and crossed the finish line in third place, 3.6 seconds behind the winner Alvaro Diaz. He had made it from the very back to the front of the podium once again.

Lennox Lehmann made a statement this weekend not only with his leather suit, but also with his performance. We can all look forward to the next races in Assen. Now we have to work on our performance in Superpole and then maybe we can go a bit further forward in the race.

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