About Miss MotoGP

Welcome to my blog!I’m glad you’re here. This is supposed to be a blog to discuss and chat – your opinion is very important to me. That’s why I’ve created a place here where you can exchange ideas, contribute your knowledge, and express speculations.

My name is Kristin – from Munich. I am born near Berlin, my studies took me to the North Sea and then my internship moved to Munich. So I moved from the beautiful east, to the far north and then far south. I discovered my passion for MotoGP and motorcycles when I was 14. It was the year I saw a race for the first time and sat on a 125cc for the first time. Since then I watch every race, go to Sachsenring and read everything I can get my hands on. Besides MotoGP, I’m also interested in promoting young talent in motorcycle racing. I wrote my final thesis on the subject of sports sponsorship in MotoGP and did my subsequent internship at Sport1. So you can see that MotoGP has also accompanied me in my professional career and this blog is therefore more than an affair of the heart for me. Here I can live me out.

So let’s get started right away! I hope you enjoy browsing and exploring. Your Miss MotoGP