MotoGP Qatar: A Moto3 title with an aftertaste

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Today we are not focusing on MotoGP, but on the decision in the Moto3 World Championship. The World Championship battle between Jaume Masia and Ayumu Sasaki promised a close race in Qatar today. But the events of today’s race in Qatar cast a shadow over the Moto3 World Championship.

The decision in Qatar

The Moto3 World Championship was decided on this race Sunday in Qatar. New Moto3 World Champion is Jaume Masia, who was not only crowned World Champion through his own performance in the race, but was also able to rely on the help of his team-mate Adrian Fernandez. The path to the world title, especially the one taken today in Qatar, leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Jaume Masia secured his Moto3 title with hard, motocross-like maneuvers. The question of the conformity of these maneuvers with the rules was answered by the stewards by issuing a warning during the race. Whether the maneuvers were worthy of a world champion, however, is for everyone to decide.

The aftertaste of maneuvering

In my opinion, Jaume Masia did himself no favors today. His impressive season and outstanding performances despite his inferior Honda are overshadowed by his questionable maneuvers against Sasaki at the Qatar GP. For me, it casts a shadow over his World Championship win. Adrian Fernandez’s behavior towards Sasaki was also more than just a disservice to Masia. The maneuvers were not only borderline, but grossly unsportsmanlike. The MotoGP stewards saw it differently. Apart from the warning to Masia, no action was taken. Perhaps there was also a violation of Article of the Sporting Regulations, just as with Aleix Espargaro and Franco Morbidelli. Because the behavior of the Leopard riders has harmed the sport, which is not allowed today according to article, even if it was different in the past.

The evolution of motorsport

In the early years of motorcycle racing, when there were hardly any cameras at the racetrack, such maneuvers may have been acceptable, but they are no longer acceptable today. Not only for reasons of sporting fairness, but also for safety reasons. A world champion should not only impress with his performance, but also with his fairness. He serves as a role model for future generations of motorcycle racers.

Looking at the entire Moto3 season, Jaume Masia has worked hard for and earned the world championship. Whether the title decision in Qatar was worthy of a world champion is for everyone to decide.

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