MotoGP Sachsenring: Sachsenring is back

Sachsenring Turm

Finally the Sachsenring is back. Finally spectators again. Finally MotoGP again. After I spontaneously went to the MotoGP race in Mugello, I went to the Sachsenring. But this time not as a spectator on a grandstand, but as a media representative with a press accreditation for my blog.

Besides all the excitement and the little fan girl in me, which wanted to ask for a selfie with every passing pro, I had to find myself first. My feelings fluctuated between, total euphoria, excitement and also some fear. What will it be like? And more importantly, what do I want to write about? That was the crucial question and the answer was obvious. I want to write about my impressions. About what I experienced when I was allowed to attend MotoGP for the first time as a media representative.

First and foremost, it was exciting. Everything is new and somehow not, because you know it from the media. It’s just that now you’re right in the middle of it. As part of the MotoGP circus. To be honest, it was unreal and I had to get used to it. For the next four days it was going to be normal for me to walk through the paddock with my “media” badge around my neck. To be honest, it took two days before it felt a bit more normal. After all, somehow you’re not that cool.

On the first day I was looking for the media center, where I promptly went wrong. Well, that can happen and the nice Dorna colleagues were able to help me. After they had looked at me then but very puzzled. Finally arrived at the Media Center, I was then so warmly received that some of the excitement has fallen off immediately. The staff at the service desk were really great and helpful, so the media center became my starting point for each day. I was able to put my things there and I had a place to write in peace and sort through pictures. It was my little retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of the paddock.

The media center was also where the press conferences and media scrums were held. Media scrums? These are small, short press conferences. The drivers drop by briefly, sit down at a table and answer the questions of the journalists present. It’s informal. Just more casual and relaxed. There you have the opportunity to get some quick statements to round off your article. For me it was exciting to listen there, even if the statements are not used for this blog post. Not yet. Maybe next time.

On Saturday, I took the media shuttle around the track. Just in time for the Moto2 qualifying I could take some pictures and admire the Sachsenring from a different perspective. For Sunday I chose the Moto3 race for my tour around the ring. I stood right next to the starting grid of the Moto3 to photograph the preparations. Then I went to the Sachsenkurve, directly behind the tire pile with the DEKRA grandstand in the back. Being able to follow the race so closely was special. But also to see how many volunteers were standing around the track in the sweltering heat of Sunday was impressive. Not to forget the helpers in the grandstands, at the entrance and in the paddock. Many of them have been there for years. They live the Sachsenring and make it.

I have to mention one highlight here. For the race Sunday I had received a spontaneous invitation from the LCR Honda team to watch the warm up and later the race from the pits. Of course I had to accept this invitation, you can hardly get a better insight. The warm up was quite routine, the 20 minutes went by quickly.

Later in the race, unfortunately, things didn’t go so well. The LCR Honda team ended its working day already in lap six. First Alex Marquez came into the pits and did not resume the race. Shortly afterwards, Takaaki Nakagami crashed. In no time at all, both riders retired. It was disappointing and you could feel that. Understandably so. After a few minutes, however, the mechanics began to pack up, the rolling gates were lowered. The Sachsenring race was over for the team. On Monday, I received a link from the team to a Facebook livestream, the trucks of the MotoGP arrived in Assen. The circus has moved on to the next city.

For me, these four days were an incredible experience. Next year I want to be there again to collect new impressions and report on it again.

Your Miss MotoGP

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