Moto3 2021 – Jason Dupasquier: A sad day

Today’s MotoGP race at Mugello offered so many things worth reporting on: Enea Bastianini’s accident during the Warm Up Lap. The many crashes, especially that of Marc Marquez and Alex Rins. The comeback of KTM with the great performance of Miguel Oliveira. Or the victory of Fabio Quartararo, who ran his laps like clockwork. All this had potential, but I don’t feel like it. Because today the race is overshadowed by news that was launched at the start of the Moto2 race. Jason Dupasquier has lost the fight for his life.

The 19-year-old Swiss rider died of his injuries this morning. After his heavy crash at the end of the qualifying, out of turn 9 (Arrabbiata 2), the following riders Ayumu Sasaki and Jeremy Alcoba could not avoid him. The two pilots hit the grounded Dupasquier on the head and upper body. Sasaki and Alcoba also crashed, fortunately both remain uninjured. Jason Dupasquier lay motionless on the track. Memories were awakened of Marco Simoncelli and Shoya Tomizawa .

There are hardly any words that can describe this accident. Motorsport is dangerous, all those who choose this sport know that. The family and friends of the riders know what it means when they get on the bike. The risk rides with them. The respect for this danger is always there, and yet it shakes you to the core when it happens again. When another young rider loses his life in the sport he loves so much. A young life ended too soon and what remains is the shock, the sadness, the memory of Jason. Today, motorsport has lost a young talent. Today there is sadness and reflection, despite the fact that the circus goes on. This is how the drivers deal with it, how they can process what has happened. Not to be dominated by fear.It is difficult to understand. This sport gives them everything, means the most to them and can also take everything away from them. They live with that, all of them.

What I can’t live with is the way it was broadcast yesterday. Why I could watch 30 minutes of Jason Dupasquier being stabilized on the track to be flown to the hospital. That we didn’t see the crash again was right and important. Sensational journalism is not appropriate in an accident where life and death are at stake. But we should have faded out afterwards.Given to the studio, shown a clip. Anything, but not the fight to save the young driver’s life. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for the parents who also saw those images on TV. In the event of an accident on the road, one is urged not to look, to let the rescue workers work in peace. The same thing should have happened yesterday on TV. I don’t need to see it to understand what is at stake – Jason’s life. I hope I never see pictures like this again to preserve the dignity of the riders who fell and protect them too.
Rest in Peace, Jason Dupasquier

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