Lennox Lehmann – WorldSSP300: New year. New chapter.

Lennox Lehmann start in der Supersport 300 WM

“Never change a running system” – For the up-and-coming rider Lennox Lehman from Dresden, this seems to be the divise of success. Together with the Freudenberg team, he will be competing in the Supersport 300 World Championship this season. After two very successful years in the International German Championship (IDM) with two championship titles in a row, Lehmann is now opening a new chapter in his sport.

The Supersport 300 World Championship, that means – 8 stations in Europe, 30 riders, 17 Kawasakis, 12 Yamahas and: A KTM. This KTM is ridden by Lennox Lehmann in his Freudenberg Team. It is the same KTM with which Lennox won his championship title last year.

Same team, same KTM, Lennox Lehmann can concentrate fully on himself and his new chapter, Supersport 300. As the only KTM rider and lone rider on his team, you would think it could be challenging. Lennox has to compete with riders who enjoy an advantage over him through mutual data exchange. This data exchange, however, also puts their performance in competition with each other. If you’re eighth in a pack of Kawasakis and there are five other riders in front of you, your performance isn’t worth much. The competition is different, and can be – though not always – counterproductive for the individual rider.

As the only KTM rider, Lennox Lehman can ride quite freely. He doesn’t have to face any comparisons. Only comparisons with himself. Together with his team, Lennox Lehmann can surpass himself from race to race. In addition, a single rider enjoys the undivided attention of his team, everyone works for you and together you work towards the goal.

Taking the position of lone rider and sole KTM representative like that and making the best of it, that’s the challenge this season for Lennox Lehmann. We can be curious to see how he masters it.

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