Lennox Lehmann – WorldSSP300 Magny-Cour: A weekend to forget

Lennox Lehmann beim Renen in Magny-Cours

A weekend to forget. Well, actually only the Sunday. Actually only the last three laps, because until then it went quite well. Lennox Lehmann fought his way from his starting position into the leading group. He had chances for the podium. Until… it comes to contact with another rider. Until his bike was damaged and the fairing hung down. Until Lennox had to cede the protruding part, got chattering and fell back. The podium was gone. The second race finished. The 14th place and two points remained. The first race didn’t go off without touches either. Only this happened not at the end of the race, but right at the beginning. One touch and Lennox found himself at the end of the field again. One touch was enough to change the course of a race. Lennox Lehmann fought his way through the field of drivers in the first race. Finished fourth in the end. The tires had been too used up for the podium. More was not possible, because he had to fight his way through the field.

A weekend to forget. It was a typical race weekend in the smallest class. The young guns. Whether in Moto3 or the World Supersport 300, it’s always high. The young up-and-coming talents want to prove themselves, show what they can do. Often they have to prove themselves, because the next riders are already waiting. As quickly as your star rises, it can also fall again. It’s an enormous pressure that weighs on the young, often slender shoulders. For Lennox Lehmann, it’s just a matter of “wanting to prove it.” He has his Freudenberg KTM – Paligo Racing Team, a team that is more like family. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to perform. It’s just performances that are appropriate and realistic for a first year in the World Championship. Lennox gets the rest to grow. Even though Lennox doesn’t feel that pressure from his team, he still falls victim to it. The pressure felt by the other drivers, perhaps leading to bad decisions and over-motivated maneuvers.

A weekend to forget. This time. The next races are waiting. He takes the experience from Magny-Cour with him.

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