Lennox Lehmann führt die Verfolgergruppe in Barcelona an

A year ago Lennox Lehmann celebrated his World Championship debut as a wildcard rider in Barcelona. At that time he had opened his chapter World Championship there. Last weekend he returned to the track as a permanent starter. Then, as now, the performances were similar – a very good performance, which could not be seen in the standings.

Looking only at the results from the weekend in Barcelona, one would assume that Lennox’s performance was only average. What the paper doesn’t show was the races. The position changes. The tight field of drivers. The chances Lennox Lehmann created for himself. The overtaking maneuver with two laps to go in the second race on Sunday afternoon was outstanding. Lennox managed to move up from 15th to second place in just two turns. The KTM rider set two perfect overtaking maneuvers and outclassed the competition. If the race had ended at that point, it would have been the perfect comeback. Lennox Lehmann started the race from the eighth row of the grid, initially falling even further behind. He fought his way to the front as the race progressed and then moved up to second place with just two maneuvers. It would have been perfect, Lennox would have been rewarded for his performance. Only the race went one lap longer and the maneuver was set too early. The KTM rider could not pull away and was overtaken by his rivals at the beginning of the last lap. Lennox Lehmann fell back to 17th place and was not able to make another maneuver.

If you only look at the result, you don’t see Lennox Lehmann’s performance.
not. This time Lennox could not reward himself. In two weeks the last two races of the World Supersport 300 are coming up in Portimao.

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