Lennox Lehmann – IDM Most: Goals and how to achieve them

Lennox Lehmann

What did you do when you were 15 years old? What was your goal? What was your career goal? Or did you even know what you wanted to be?
Well, for my part, I supposedly knew what I wanted to be and I’m glad I took a different way. Because quite honestly, very few of us have any idea at the age of 15 what we want to achieve. Where they want to go. Our goals are vague and they change because most of the time we are not really clear on what we want yet. Let’s face it, many don’t know what they want at 40. But if you do know, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

You can work on it, follow your path and even reach your goal in the end. For Lennox Lehmann, it was clear from a young age where he wanted to go – the motorcycle world championship. He is doing a lot to achieve this. In addition to his talent, he also needs discipline, ambition, the irrepressible urge to be the fastest and constant learning.

For Lennox, the second stop in the IDM was Most. A track that is not unfamiliar to him. Already in 2019 in the ADAC Junior Cup Lennox could convince with his very good performances on this track.

After a crash in the first qualifying and the repair of his KTM, Lennox was able to drive out in the second qualifying the starting position 6. From there it went into the two races on Sunday. If I write now that they were exciting races, it is an understatement. If you want to watch them again and see for yourself then here are the two races.

First race > https://youtu.be/N9BFNvmT6YM

Second race > https://youtu.be/N9BFNvmT6YM?t=13800

It is so worth watching because it shows the class that Lennox has gained over the last few years. He stayed focused in both races, stayed out of unnecessary duels and drove very smart. Lennox had a strategy in place and executed it successfully. Both races were hard fought. Both races had to be decided by photo finish. In the first race, Lennox crossed the finish line at the same time as his teammate, Walid Khan. After evaluation of the photo finish, Lennox was second, only 0.001 seconds behind. It doesn’t get any closer than that.

In the second race, the gap between the first and second place was somewhat larger. As much as 0.017 seconds. Means, second race, second photo finish. But this time with a better outcome for Lennox. The second victory in the fourth race. Out of a possible 100 points, Lennox has scored 90 points so far and leads the standings. He has extended his lead in the championship to 31 points.

This single-mindedness and determination at just 15 years of age is something that very few of us have. Lennox shows what can be achieved with talent, perspective and the right support. With every race, with every victory, he gets closer and closer to his goal – chapeau!

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Photo: Toni Börner

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