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Two races to go until the German championship is decided. Two more races until the end of the IDM season 2021. Before it goes in a good two weeks at the Hockenheimring, I was able to interview with Lennox Lehmann. The reigning champion – at just 15 years of age – took the time to answer a few questions about his goals, success and highlights.

Second year in the IDM. A second time you have the chance to become champion and defend your title. Do you have a recipe for success? Just have fun, then the rest comes by itself. So I train every day, strength and endurance. Unless it’s something important with school. All that is part of it. But the most important thing for me is to have fun. Then you don’t see it so doggedly. Then it just goes better. And yes, you mustn’t forget that the team also plays a big role. My mechanic always gives me a top bike.

Are you sometimes surprised by your own success? Overall, I have to say, yes I am a bit surprised. I knew from my guest start in Hockenheim in 2019 that I could ride at the front. But I didn’t expect it to go so well. 3.

And what about this year? Did you have to be successful because you’re the reigning champion? When you’re the champion, it’s not so good if you’re not at the front. You don’t have to win the title again in the end, but you should have had the chance. Otherwise it would be considered more of a lucky shot. And in my case, I didn’t really win the title myself last year. So it’s good that I can show the performance in the IDM this year.

How are you preparing for the season finale at the Hockenheimring? Do you do anything special or do you stick to your routine? Quite normally. Sports, endurance training. That I’m fit overall. I don’t do anything different from the other races. I also try not to think about the championship. I just want to ride and win.

Then you don’t think about how many points you need to become champion. So no arithmetic games? No, I don’t think about that at all. If you think about it too much, then you don’t concentrate on riding the bike. I don’t want to put any pressure on myself.

The Freudenberg team also competes in the Supersport 300 World Championship. Will there perhaps be a guest start for you? Is there anything in the pipeline? Something is being considered, but it’s not in the bag yet.

So we can look forward to seeing you in another class this year? Maybe (laughs).

Your IDM season is slowly coming to an end. What are your plans for next year? My goal is to ride in the World Championship. You might consider moving up to the IDM Superport 600, but actually I want to switch to the World Championship. There I see myself more.

What were your highlights of the season? Most and Oschersleben. I still remember the first race at Oschersleben. Where I was able to fight for victory with Marvin. We are friends and it was nice to stand next to him on the podium. And Most, the duels were generally very good. We were always a big group and the overtaking maneuvers are always particularly fun.

When you look back now on your two years. What do you take with you? Quite a lot. Everything, actually. The two years of IDM were very instructive. Also thanks to Freudenberg and its team structure. I was able to train with world championship riders, for example. I’m really taking a lot with me from my time in the IDM.

And now let’s look to the future. Where do you see yourself in the next few years – MotoGP or Superbike? Superbike. In MotoGP, money plays a very big role, which makes it difficult for young riders. Maybe later there will be the opportunity to switch from Supersport 600 to Moto2. But at the moment I don’t see myself in MotoGP.

Lennox Lehmann a young talent on his way. Successful and yet quite modest. What counts most for Lennox is the fun of riding. I keep my fingers crossed that he keeps this perspective and good luck for the last two races.

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