Lennox Lehmann – IDM Lausitzring: Hard work

IDM 2020 - Rennen am Lausitzring

Hard work. Continuous learning. Self-reflection. Will. Passion. These are the cornerstones of success. Add to that a pinch of luck. Luck? Yes luck. Luck to be noticed by the right people and to have met them. Luck to have made the right decision at the right time.

Of the many talented young drivers, very few manage to be so successful in the World Championship. At least they can make a living out of it. For most of them it remains a dream. The lack of support makes it even more difficult for young drivers to find their way into the world championship. Many talents fall by the wayside.

So it is all the more wonderful to meet people for whom the promotion of young talent is not just a nice clam in the team philosophy, but a conviction. Team Freudenberg has just such people. They are not just about promoting young talent, they live it. Lennox caught their attention and was brought into the team. A team that promotes and challenges and at the same time creates a family environment for the young drivers. They give them everything they need to live their dream and grow.

Lennox grows from race to race. The first won duel. The first leading kilometers. And now the first podium in the IDM. A second place, which he has more than earned at the Lausitzring. It has become apparent in the last races that he will soon be rewarded for his achievements. Now the time had come.

The fifth of eight races of the IDM Supersport 300 at the Lausitzring. A race that was exciting from the first to the last corner. Constant position changes and a leading group of ten drivers. Excitement was guaranteed. Lennox was able to take the lead from time to time. It was a tight race. Which also resulted in a crash in the last lap. The Aces winner Harry Khouri was rudely pushed out of the group and landed on a promising position lying in the gravel bed. For him the race was over prematurely at the last minute. Lennox kept the overview and could prevail in the turmoil. He crossed the finish line as second.  His first podium. It was all worth it.

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