Lennox Lehmann – IDM Assen: Forget and move on

Sometimes there are days that you just want to forget. Nothing goes right and you don’t know why. If these days then fall exactly on a weekend, which is also a race weekend, then… Well, what then?

Is it bad? Yes. Is it disappointing and frustrating, especially for yourself? Absolutely. But is it the end of the world? No. It’s normal that sometimes nothing wants to come together. That simply nothing fits. No matter what you try. The important thing is to keep going. That you don’t let it get you down.

For Lennox Assen was such a weekend. Nothing really wanted to work. Lennox and his team tried a lot of things, but they didn’t succeed. Even the practice sessions didn’t go optimally. Actually, Lennox was always able to go one better in qualifying, so that a training session that may not have gone so well doesn’t really matter. In Assen it did not succeed. Only 8th place on the grid remained for him. A not so good feeling for the first race on Saturday. That was really not optimal, sometimes it needs a little distance. Unfortunately, Lennox didn’t have that last Saturday. In the end he crossed the line in fourth place. No improvement. No positive experience. So it was off to the end of the day and the second race on Sunday. Again from eighth place. This time, however, things looked better. Lennox could keep up well. He drove in front. When a gap opened up between him and the leading group, Lennox tried to close it again. The gap became smaller and smaller – until he overdid it. His front wheel collapsed and he slid out of the race. Lennox was still able to pit. But his bike could not be repaired. The race was over for him. By the way, his last race failure was three years ago. A very long time without a crash for a young rider. The crash last Sunday, was Lennox’s first race failure in the IDM. At the end of the weekend, 16 points won were on his tally sheet. The lead over 2nd place is still 15 points. Now every race counts for Lennox. The championship has become a little more open again.

The weekend in Assen, Lennox can and should simply forget. It was not his weekend. Next week it goes to Spielberg. There he can attack again.

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