Lennox Lehmann – WorldSSP300 Most: Decisions

Lennox Lehmann auf seiner KTM in Most

What does it take to be a good motorcyclist? Talent. A good team. A good bike. It also takes intuition to make the right decisions at the right time, so everything fits together. 

Are you putting all your eggs in one basket? Which team do you switch to? Is the gap big enough? Are these the right tires? Every decision also carries the risk of being the wrong one. That’s why you need another skill. The ability to learn from these decisions. You have to keep going and not let negative results put you off.  

Yes, the gap was perhaps too narrow for an overtaking maneuver. Nonetheless, you try again next time so you come out of the chicane first. Lennox made a decision last Saturday in the first race of the World Supersport 300 in Most. A decision he wanted to revise again, but time ran out on him. 

While the riders were still on the grid, it began to drip. Immediately, a flurry of activity broke out on the grid. Which tires to choose? Will it really start to rain? Lennox decided to change from slicks to rain tires, but the drops did not increase. On the contrary – even during the starting procedure the drops became less. Lennox wanted to revise his decision and in doing so the clock ran mercilessly against him. His team tried to change back to slicks, but it was too late. So Lennox had to cope with a mixed solution on his KTM – rain tires on the front and slicks on the rear. So he started his first race from 17th on the grid. It was not easy, because the track dried quickly and the front tire dissolved more and more. It was a fight in every lap not to lose the front wheel and crash. In the end Lennox finished eleventh. A good result considering the circumstances. For Lennox it was clear after the race that he had made the wrong decision. He had bet on safety and could not reverse this decision. Despite this wrong decision, Lennox Lehmann looked forward to the second race on Sunday with confidence. 

Sunday was a perfect day for Lennox Lehmann. There were top conditions and with the support of his fans, it could be a perfect Sunday. From starting position 17 Lennox stormed forward on his KTM in dry conditions. Already in the first corners he found himself in the leading group. But then the race was interrupted. Right on the start-finish straight there was an accident and the motorcyclists had to go into the pits even before the first race lap was finished. After a break, the race was restarted with a shortened number of laps and Lennox simply repeated his performance. He was riding at the front. If you listen to the international commentary of the World Supersport 300, the young Dresden rider is known for his catching up. Until shortly before the end he was in the leading group and fighting for the podium places. Then the race was interrupted again and it became confusing. Two thirds of the race had already been run. That meant the race was not restarted. But which classification was valid now, the one from the last lap or from the last sector? When Lennox was sent directly to the award ceremony, it was clear. It was the last sector that counted and the Freudenberg team could celebrate a third place for Lennox. 

Lennox did not let Saturday discourage him. He kept going, looked ahead and proved to everyone on Sunday what he can do. 

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