Lennox Lehmann – WorldSPP 300 Most: Summer break in the WSSP 300

Lennox Lehmann mit seinem Pokal

Summer break in the World Supersport 300. The first half of the season is over for Lennox Lehmann and finally the summer break has begun. After the first half of the WSSP 300 season 2023 has started difficult for the Dresden, could be found before the end of the first half still a conciliatory conclusion.

The stony road

His path in the first half of the 2023 season was more than rocky. Up until Imola, the course of the season in the World Supersport 300 was anything but easy. Crashes, retirements, one point and no good feeling about the bike. Even if Lennox tried not to let it show, the situation gnawed at him. His ideas about the 2023 season were completely different. He wanted to play at the front. Race for victories. Maybe even the world championship. Now, before Imola, he found himself at the back of the world championship standings.

The turning point

With Imola, however, came the turning point. With his fifth place, Lennox was finally able to show again what he was actually capable of. The feeling for the bike was back. It was a finger pointer in the right direction. With this good feeling in the luggage it went then to Most. And here everything should change again.

In the first race in Most, Lennox managed something that no one would have bet on. Maybe not even himself. In the first race in wet conditions, Lennox took heart and threw everything into the balance. He stayed on slick tires despite the rain and decided against changing tires. His feeling about the bike was too good to take the risk of losing his position by changing. It was risky and the last lap dragged on like chewing gum. It just didn’t want to end. After the chequered flag, pure joy was unleashed. Finally. Finally he was standing on top of the podium. His first victory in the World Supersport 300.

With a lot of courage and risk, he has rewarded himself. In defiance of his critics and above all for himself. As proof that he can do it after all. We can all only begin to imagine how much weight must have fallen from Lennox’s shoulders. It was a conciliatory end to the first half of the 2023 season.

However, the second race in Most also revealed deficits. The feeling for the bike in the rain was completely lacking. We still have to work on the set-up and will continue to do so. A nice task for the summer break. After all, we don’t want it to be boring.

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