Lennox Lehmann- WorldSSP 300 Aragon: Early end of the season

After the bumpy start and the challenges Lennox Lehmann had to deal with at the beginning of the season, Imola seemed to have been the turning point. This was followed by the first victory in the WSSP 300 in Most. Things were looking up again – or so it seemed. But the season remained challenging. A constant up and down, which now culminated in a serious crash in Aragon and meant the premature end of the season for Lennox.

Not an easy season

The 2023 season was not easy. Starting the season with big plans and goals, the first disappointments soon followed. The good feeling that was still there in 2022 was lost over long stretches of the 2023 season. Despite everything, Lennox always tried to stay positive. Constantly worked on himself and the bike. He motivated himself again and again, even if he was perhaps at a loss in one or the other situation. He wanted to finish the season in the World Supersport 300 with the best possible results. It was a tough season, which also led to negative voices. The voices that kept coming up and trying to deny Lennox his talent. But he tried not to let it get to him and stayed positive.

The last corner in Aragon

For the last two world championship stops Lennox wanted to give everything again, so that the season finds a positive conclusion. In Aragon it also seemed to work out. With a lot of confidence, the sessions went well. Lennox felt very comfortable on his KTM and went into the first race on Saturday in a good mood. The start worked and he was able to stay out of the early fights as planned. Everything went according to plan until he was cleared by another bike in the last corner.

At that moment, Lennox was just a passenger. He slammed both motorcycles into the track barrier. The impact was violent and Lennox could not free himself under his own power. The marshals and ambulance rushed to him. It took three more laps before the race could be stopped and Lennox recovered. During this time, Lennox’s relatives waited at the Clinica Mobile without any information. The time until the ambulance finally arrived seemed eternal. I can only begin to imagine how uncertain and stressful this situation must have been. For Lennox it went by helicopter to the hospital – fracture of the femur, fracture of two vertebrae and head laceration.

One can and must say, it could have ended even worse. The first operation is already over. A second opinion will show what happens next. What is clear is that the season has ended prematurely and there is a longer healing process ahead. Let’s hope that he keeps his positivity and can ride again soon. Get well soon Lennox.

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