Lennox Lehmann – IDM Hockenheim: The undecision

Imagine you win the championship title in the IDM Supersport 300 as a rookie and hardly anyone cares. Imagine that this is due to the intransparency of an incomprehensible system.

The IDM Supersport 300 season 2020, like all events this year, was on the brink of failure for a very long time. For a long time it was not clear whether it was possible to race at all. For the drivers it meant keeping fit, staying concentrated and focused. After a long wait, the green light was finally given. It could start. The 2020 season was shortened and compressed. Eight races were to be completed in six weeks. Little time to make mistakes and learn.

For the last ADAC Junior Cup winner Lennox Lehman, the IDM was to be the next step. Lehmann should gain experience, learn and grow. With peace and without stress. But the year 2020 had a different plan.

Despite the very tight program, the Freudenberg driver managed to learn from race to race and continuously score points. Lennox Lehmann proved his talent in every race, and the grand finale at the Hockheimring was to provide further excitement. The last two races of the IDM Supersport 300 season started with a good starting position.

Last year Lennox Lehmann did his first IDM race at the Hockenheimring, this year he competed for the championship title at exactly this track. Like the whole season, these races were also characterized by close duels and a group of ten drivers fighting for the victory. Tactics were impossible. It was much more important to keep an overview and stay seated. Lennox Lehmann kept it and with his two second places he won the vice champion title in the IDM Supersport 300.

A very good result for a rookie – or so they thought until the young Dutchman Rick Dunnik was disqualified. Dunnik’s bike was checked by the technical commissioners after the last race and finally objected. His points for the two races at Hockenheim were taken away. Thus Dunnik lost the title. The rookie Lennox Lehmann was the champion. But Rick Dunnik and his team could still appeal. The final result would not be fixed yet. The team has five days time to appeal.

Five days in which there is complete uncertainty and lack of transparency. It is assumed that the appeal has been filed and the whole thing will be finally decided at the green table. There is no official confirmation of this. There is no clarity. One is forced to wait and that leaves me shaking my head a bit.

Of course it is right to give the accused team the opportunity to appeal. But five days? In a decision about the championship? Well, I think that’s too long. It’s not just that the Freudenberg team, and above all Lennox Lehmann, cannot finish the season in their minds. The media attention is also not particularly high with a five-day history. The media attention that this sport and young talents in particular, so urgently need. That is not only a pity, but also annoying. Lennox deserves to be honored with a big news item because of his great performance and his incredible talent. Let’s hope that it will still meet with interest from the media representatives. I will do my part, because Lennox’s performance deserves it.

An exciting and very short IDM Supersport 300 season comes to an end with a young talent who not only inspired but also convinced. Lennox Lehmann champion/vice champion of the IDM Supersport 300 season 2020. No matter how it will end, his performance is undisputed.

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