Lennox Lehmann – IDM 2021: The second title

IDM 2021 Meister

Second year IDM. Second championship title in a row. You could write it as flat and trivial as that. But let’s be serious, it’s not that trivial. Lennox Lehmann has great talent. In every class in which he has competed so far, he has been able to celebrate success after a very short period of acclimatization. The first best times. The first podium finishes. The first victory. The championship. Lennox has won everything in his two years in the IDM.

The second championship title underlines his talent and should have convinced even the last skeptic. Because after the first championship win there were one or two negative voices. A champion without a win, how should that fit together. A champion who was determined at the green table. Lennox Lehmann had to deal with all this this season. In addition, there was the competition, even from his own team. Lennox has settled into the 2021 season very well, was able to bring in victories and diligently collect points. Even though there was a retirement in the last race. A crash due to a technical defect. That can happen. Even if it did not exactly contribute to the fact that it was a quiet race for Lennox. It was still enough for the title and in the end all the stress was forgotten.

For Lennox himself, this second championship means more than the first. Now he has arrived. Now he has racked up victories. He was able to convince even the last skeptic. Now the journey continues for him. Where the road goes, is not yet officially determined. But one thing is clear, it’s going up. To the world championship. If we talk about the fact that we have a lack of young talent in Germany, that there is no good German young rider, then look, Lennox is a very good candidate for there to be a German rider in MotoGP again at some point.

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