Lennox Lehmann – WorldSSP300 Misano: Forward. On and on

Lennox Lehmann in Misano beim WSSP300

Sometimes you want to use quotes more than once, especially when they describe a situation perfectly. This is the case with Lennox Lehmann’s season so far. Currently, the World Supersport 300 season seems to be under the quote “First you have no luck, then bad luck comes along.”

No road is straight

That’s how you could see it. That’s how Lennox could see it. He could argue with luck and with fate. But it would do him no good for the rest of the WSSP300 season. Lennox would not advance as a result, nor would success miraculously occur. The KTM rider must take it as a lesson. As a basis to grow from it. Such adversities and setbacks are part of the life of a motorcycle racer. They are part of it, on the way to success. So far, Lennox Lehmann’s career has been very straightforward. He succeeded in everything. He has mastered every innovation, adversity and challenge with flying colors. His path has always been steeply uphill.

Learning from it

We all know, however, that a path can never go straight ahead. Stumbling blocks and forks in the road are part of it. This season has been difficult for Lennox Lehmann. Now it is important not to despair or even despair. It is important to take a close look at the past races. All the practice sessions, all the Superpole sessions. What went well? Where was the sticking point? An exact reflection of everything. And afterwards? After that, it’s a matter of drawing conclusions and gaining knowledge.

Lennox couldn’t do anything about technical defects like the one in Barcelona or the crash in the first race in Misano. But he can look at how he reacted in those situations. How he dealt with them. So that he remains focused and does not lose faith in his talent. Because despite the difficult start, his talent can not be denied. Now it is time to question, to analyze and to find back to his old strength. He now has 4 weeks to do this and there are still 10 races to go.

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