Lennox Lehmann – IDM Assen: New chapter

Assen 2020 IDM Supersport 300 Lennox Lehmann

Season 2020, IDM Supersport 300, that’s 44 days, 34 drivers, 8 races on 4 race weekends. Last weekend the season also started for Lennox Lehmann. Finally the waiting and the uncertainty whether one can drive at all this year had an end. For Lennox a new chapter began. The chapter IDM. Due to his last year’s guest start, his excellent performances in the ADAC Junior Cup and his convincing test drives during the preparation, he secured his starting position. Together with Team Freudenberg he now starts this new chapter together.

They started in Assen with a new motorcycle and new electronics. Even though there was a lot of preparation time for Lennox this year, a race weekend is something completely different. So learning is on the agenda again. If Lennox drove away in the ADAC Junior Cup races, he now has to fight duels and slipstream battles. Every mistake, no matter how small, is mercilessly punished. Also the tyre situation in the IDM is different. Here it’s now a question of economising and skilful tactics, otherwise you’ll have to start the next race with worn out tyres.  This weekend, however, there was another situation that nobody wants to see. Due to a highsider of Sarah Heide during the first lap on Sunday, the race was interrupted with the red flag. With it a routine procedure begins. All drivers drive into the pits. The motorcycles are checked again. The rider has time to drink until the grid is back on the grid for the re-start and everyone drives out. But when you are experiencing this situation for the first time and then with the tension and race concentration, it is hard to live this routine. For Lennox it was hard because he wanted to get out and go on, because he was in a promising position.

Now there is a lot to learn and to develop further. Lennox is on a very good path there. This is shown by the results of the two races in Assen, with sixth place and ninth place, seen from the outside. But if you take a closer look and look at the lap times in the development you can see a rising learning curve there as well. In the first race Lennox’s fastest race lap was only seven tenths slower than that of race winner Melvin van der Voort. In race two it was even only five tenths on Harry Khouri. Lennox improved in both races and during the race weekend.

For Lennox Lehmann the new chapter has begun, now it is time to fill this chapter with life.

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